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Your Hosts
Leo Adams
Leo has always had a passion for business and has started several ventures since he first enrolled at Clemson University. He began his journey in the UAS industry as a remote pilot in 2016 providing aerial photography & data collection services. Leo has completed hundreds of missions in the real estate, insurance, roofing, energy, and construction industries. After establishing himself firmly in the drone industry, he realized his desire to also help other pilots start and grow their own aerial imaging businesses. This is when he and his partner created Skye Link, a professional drone service platform & marketplace that gives remote pilots the opportunities and resources to find success in this exciting industry. 
Dan Hubert
Dan is a 20 year veteran in remote sensing and drone industries. As a Top Gun instructor he has taught hundreds of people how to fly and perform multi-sensor geo-spatial collection. Dan commanded several special ops drone units in support of international reconstruction efforts.  As a MQ-9 Reaper project manager he oversaw production, delivery, and training of drones and sensors payload.  Because he understands the complete drone ecosystem and data utilization he often is asked to consult for Qualcomm, Intel, PwC, Verizon, AT&T, FAA, universities, and more 
Dan now owns MODUS which specializes in drone sensor integrated work solutions for 3D Mapping and HD laser scanning.
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