Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Personal Vision: an introduction to yourself

    • About the Course

    • Meet Your Instructor

  • 02

    Getting Set UP

    • Intro to Lidar Data Downloading and Installing LiGeo Software

    • Intro to Lidar Data downloading data

  • 03

    Software Overview

    • Intro to Lidar Data General Interfaces

    • Introduction to Visualizing Raw Data Tools

    • Intro to Geo Referencing Tool Sets

    • Introduction Error Correction Tools

    • Intro to Lidar Data Measurement and Profile Tools

  • 04

    Setting up a project

    • What you need to know about Lidar File Structures

    • Loading Project

    • Base Station Position Fundamentals

    • Trajectory Segmentation Best Practices

    • Intro to Lidar Data Creating Lidar Data

    • Lidar Data Initial Accuracy Quality Control

    • Intro to Lidar Data Exporting to LAS (Ligeo Only)

  • 05

    Other Opportunities

    • Intro to Lidar Data Other Courses you should consider

    • Intro to Lidar Data Certification Opportunities

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