Drone LiDAR Introduction 
Limited Offer for San Diego CA on 26 April
What You'll Learn:
The Equipment
-Dive into the components, what they do, and how they relate to accuracy.  
-Explore how LiDAR is different from other sensors and what are the opportunities
Discover how to calculate coverage factors, field rates, and the bidding.  

We will go into advanced flight automation best practices
Different Accuracy 
Did you know accuracy is base on the system  AND your field practices.
See everything to consider when doing drone LiDAR operations to get achieve survey grade.
Field Setup
What is all involved?  Many people don't realize how quick the actual LiDAR collection can be?  
What else you need to know about field setup and LiDAR?  We will show you what LiDAR Integrator's never tell you up front.
How does workflow can make or break good efficiency.  We will show you how to get a solution in 20 minutes and the steps to achieve real value that will have your clients calling you back for more.

Data Products
Lets face it, your customers want products they can use.  Here you will be introduced to  the fundamental LiDAR Data products, who uses them, and how to change your collection to get the best products. 

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